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ISSUE 5: Meet the Team behind the Gin - Hamish

It has been far too long since we got the old mouse and keyboard out and updated with the latest news from the Bullards Distillery, so consider this our long, long, long overdue update! 


One of the biggest changes we saw last year was the addition of three new members of staff, almost tripling our team size up to the huge number of 5! Since they're now all comfortably settled in to the team and found their niche, we thought it was the perfect time to officially introduce them to the world. And what better way to introduce everyone then with the time honoured tradition used by employers everywhere - by making them grudgingly complete a questionnaire!


So without further ado, we'd like to introduce you to Hamish Wright - Brand Ambassador and Key Accounts manager extraordinaire.


Hamish Frederick Louis Hinton Wright

(Yep, not one, but three middle names the lucky man!)


And what's your role here at Bullards?

As Key Accounts manager I'm essentially the face of the company. It's my job to introduce people to the brand and the gin and, of course, encourage them to buy a bottle (or six!). I'm often on the road travelling to the far-flung corners of Norfolk and Suffolk visiting the many fantastic pubs, bars, hotels, delis and farmshops we have in East Anglia. When I'm not on the road, I moonlight as the distillery's resident crossword expert!


Favourite song?

Enjoy the Silence – Depeche Mode (don’t judge me, I love it!)


What's your favourite spirit?

Well that would have to be gin! Thanks probably in part to the influence of my family, they’ve always been firm gin lovers so it was the first spirit I really came across and got



And what actually brought you to Bullards?

I was looking for a position that would take me away from the front-of-house bar and pub work I was previously doing. While I loved getting to know and understand the products and discovering the stories behind each drink, the more I worked serving them from behind the bar, the more I realised that I wanted to be part of the production and help forge the story behind them.  Being a thoroughbred Norwich chap I grew up hearing all about the history and heritage of the Bullards name, so when I saw that Craig and Peter were reviving it and bringing alcohol production back to the city I just knew I had to join them! And a top notch idea it was too!


What is your background in the world of Booze, was this your first introduction to the (professional) world of alcohol? And since we love a good story, have you had any other interesting jobs?

Most people may recognise me from my days at the Fat Cat pub on West End Street, which probably has the very best selection of beers in Norwich. It was there that I first experienced the world of fine beverages and delicious drinks.

One of my most interesting jobs (besides my current role of course!) was when I worked as Research consultant for an heir hunting firm. This involved a lot of travelling; in fact the only county in England I didn’t visit was Cornwall. One place I visited had an extremely large live arachnid collection, including a Bird Eating Spider that was larger than a dinner plate. I kindly declined the gentleman’s offer to let me hold it!  


Whats your overall favourite gin (it doesn't have to be ours!) and your favourite Bullards gin?

I love our Norwich Dry Gin. It’s the World’s Best London Dry, so you really can’t go too far wrong with it!


Besides ours, Brokers gin used to be my go-to but since joining the team and experimenting with different gins, I believe Silent Pool has just pilfered the limelight from it.


If you could take Peter and Rory's job for the day and make any gin at all, what flavours would you use?

I love a citrus note in my gins, so I’d use a different combination of citrus peels in a London Dry including blood orange peel, lemons, granny smith apple peel, limes (as rare as they are in gin), and possibly even a blueberry or two.


What’s your opinion on gin garnishes? Do you follow the ‘perfect serve’ guidelines, or find your own perfect pairing?

Oh great question! I tend to stick with the distillers recommended guidelines, they’ve been chosen for a good reason after all, but I do believe that trying new garnishes should be encouraged. If something tastes great, drink it!


Any personal favourite gin cocktails?

On a beautiful summers day when one is particularly parched, nothing beats a well-made Gin and Tonic. Its a classic, but I still think its one of the best ways to truly see how a gin measures up.


If you could be any animal, what animal would you be?

I’d be a Sperm Whale or an Orca. They are both incredibly intellectual, Orcas live in pods, they’re incredible hunters, or a sperm whale as they can dive to depths of over 1000 metres and fight giant squid for fun. Which means a whopping great tonne of calamari for supper every night. They also hunt using their own form of sonar 


And finally, have you got any corny gin puns to leave us with?

Its not necessarily a gin pun, but I am rather fond of a quote from our good old boy Winston Churchill:

‘The gin and tonic has saved more Englishmen’s lives, and minds, than all the doctors in the Empire’.




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