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ISSUE 1: Bullards takes gold


Its official, we are the proud distillers of a gold medal winning gin!


More on that later, as it’s just one part of what’s been a very busy month or so for us. The distillery has been a hive of activity this month as we’ve shifted gears so that as many people as possible can get their hands on a tasty bottle of Bullards Norwich Dry Gin. While we’re only on Batch 007 (Recommended serve? A Vesper Martini naturally) we’ve been busily testing out new recipes and creations behind the scenes as well as attending events and festivals all across the county.


Most recently, we attended the Worstead Festival as part of their food and drink tent which was an absolute blast. Not only did we discover fantastic new food producers – we were placed next to the fantastic Pye Baker of Norwich’s stand and their mouth watering selection of breads, pastries and delicious treats – but we also got to talk gin all day to a huge number of you. If there’s anything we love more than making and drinking gin, its talking about gin! In fact, we saw so many fellow gin fans that we completely sold out of two days worth of stock in under 6 hours!


When not at events, Peter the distiller has been tinkering away in our lab with new flavours and botanicals in what can only be described as the actions of a mad scientist. Though he doesn’t have the obligatory white coat or Breaking Bad hazmat suit just yet (we’re working on it…) he’s managed to whip up some exciting new gins which you may be able to try soon. One of these mad creations has already been scaled up and gone through our full size still which means its only a matter of time before it’s released to the public.


While we won’t say too much about it just yet, some of you have had a chance to try it during visits to the distillery, and we’ve had some very positive reception so far… Watch this space!


We also have good news for anyone living in Cambridge too, as you may have noticed Bullards Norwich Dry Gin has started appearing on the shelves of bars and off licenses around the city. This is due to the efforts of Craig, our sales expert and all around gin guru, who has started travelling to Cambridge with a big ol’ bag of gin. This is great news for gin fans in Cambridge, as it means you no longer have to travel to Norfolk to buy a bottle, or have to wait for it to arrive after ordering online! It’s also great news for us, as it means we’re one step closer to global domination.


And for the biggest news of all: we’ve won a gold medal for our gin!! We entered the Microdistillery category of the 2016 Gin Masters, alongside other fantastic gins from around the world (notably Sweden’s Herno gin and Brighton’s Brighton gin) and managed to come out with a gold. Not bad for only 7 months of gin production! Unsurprisingly, we’re completely over the moon about this at the distillery and we’re definitely not just going to stop there. We’ve got high aims for more medals and better gins, so we’re hoping this is only the beginning!


For the full medal results and write up, check out http://www.thespiritsbusiness.com/2016/07/the-gin-masters-2016-results/

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